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When it comes to High Intensity Training (HIT) you need everything you can to help you make it through a workout and to help you recover as fast as possible so you are ready for the next workout. HIT is all about muscle endurance! How long can your muscles take it? How long will it be until your muscles give out? You want to be flippin’ tires, not flippin’ tired right? You need Sustained Power! The last thing you want is to slack in your workouts and training because of a lack of proper nutrition. You need a supplement plan that is specifically designed and engineered for HIT workouts! Especially if you plan on competing! Get the tools for the trade and get the competitive edge you need with our HIT Stack!

Rebuild – Repair With Protein! There is only one way to rebuild muscle. Protein! HIIT is very taxing on your muscles. The most important thing that you can do for them is to feed them a large amount of quality protein so they can repair and grow bigger and stronger! AllMax HEXAPRO contains 6 highly-bioavailable proteins. They are fast, medium and sustained release proteins that ensure high amino acid levels with both short and long term delivery. HEXAPRO is fortified with 5 Amino Acids to enhance recovery, including all 3 BCAAs essential for protein synthesis, and provides a rapid energy source for muscles. The sustained release proteins are perfect to feed your muscles either during long term rest cycles or sleep.

Endure – Creatine: Pure Muscle Endurance! Creatine has been around for years. No other supplement out there has undergone so many studies and so much research proven that it works. Creatine builds up and stores the energy required for muscular contractions called ATP energy. Research shows that for long distance runners creatine was not very helpful. However for anaerobic activities, creatine helped athletes with endurance and boosted strength! In short, creatine will help your muscle not burn out early! GAT JetMASS includes the German Creatine System with 6 different types of creatine, an electrolyte matrix to restore electrolytes, and many other ingredients that all work together to aid in recovery!

Preworkout- Time to Get Jacked Up! So let’s see… worked all day, you’re tired, and now all of a sudden you faced with a hardcore HIT workout. Sounds like you have a problem! Not to worry! Das Labs Bucked Up Pre Workout is a powerful new pre-workout unlike anything you have ever used - full disclosure labeling featuring only clinically proven ingredients including 3 hormone activators! We're talking more than just energy, focus and pumps, we're talking real, solid muscle growth. DAS Labs uses only premium quality ingredients and correct, clinical dosing to give you the best products possible.

Beta Alanine - Feel The Burn….No More! Ever heard of Beta Alanine? You better ask somebody! Beta Alanine will be your best friend when you are training for HIT style! Beta Alanine buffers that burn you feel when training! AllMax Beta-Alanine is a natural supplement that allows you to reach your maximum workout intensity by increasing strength and boosting endurance. Beta Alanine by AllMax is 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade, and will stimulate both anaerobic and aerobic endurance while delaying fatigue. 

Recoup and Reenergize: So you've trained hard, you broke some records, and you are covered in sweat. With that sweat and hard work your body has lost many important and vital nutrients and components. MHP DARK MATTER is a truly one of a kind post workout. DARK MATTER employs new technologies and compounds which allow for the fastest possible nutrient uptake that sparks a synergistic anabolic reaction in which insulin levels simultaneously peak with amino acid, creatine, and glycogen transport at the Anabolic Axis to trigger extreme muscle growth and speed recovery.

Fuel Up – Carb Up The Right Way! You’ve heard of carbing up right? It’s really a simple process, but you need to be smart about it. You can’t just eat just carbs all day! NOW Foods CarboGain contains 100% complex carbohydrates that digest very slowly so you body has a chance to assimilate and store them before they are converted into fat! With HIT your muscles need to go as long as they can and then some. Storing carbohydrates into your muscles ensures you will have the sustained energy needed from the start until the finish of your workout!

Stack Directions

AllMax HEXAPRO: Blend, Mix or shake 1 scoop (44 g) of HEXAPRO™ with 6 to 8 oz. of water or low-fat milk depending on desired taste and consistency anytime you want a premium, satisfying, high-protein beverage.
GAT JetMASS: Take 1 Scoop 15-20 minutes after working out.
DAS Labs Bucked Up: To use: Mix 1 scoop with 8oz. cold water and consume 30 minutes before your workout.
AllMax Beta-Alanine: 1 teaspoon (2 times daily) dissolved in juice, water or your favorite pre-workout drink. 
MHP Dark Matter: Add 1 scoop to 20oz of water in a glass or shaker bottle immediately after training. Stir or shake vigorously. Any other post-workout shake or meal may be taken 1 hour later.
NOW Carbo Gain:  Mix ½ cup with 16 oz. of liquid and drink pre, during, and post workout.