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You’ve seen them in the magazines and on the television. What? Fitness chicks with six packs! You even might be saying to yourself “How the heck did they get like that?” when you see them. Here at our fitness and supplement experts have developed the perfect stack for women to build muscle and burn fat. Not a little fat, lots of fat. This is the stack that is not only recommended for those interested in bikini, figure, bodybuilding, and fitness modeling, but will also work perfectly for any woman that wants to just get in great shape.

Cellucor Super HD Fire - Two Powerful Fat Loss Formulas - One Product!
When it comes to fat loss, you need to be able to burn fat all day if you want real results. You also need to be able to maintain energy and focus for the entire day – without stimulant over-load later in the day. Until now, there has been no real way to adjust your fat burner to fit the time of day – that has changed with Super HD Fire by Cellucor!Super HD Fire provides a ground-breaking two separate formulas in one product – you get an explosive, higher caffeine Morning formula that provides time-released caffeine over 3-4 hours to help you get your day started right, as well as containing stress-blocking compounds to control cravings and specific compounds that promote the utilization of stored fat for energy.

Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3 - Turn Up the Thermostat on Your Thyroid!
Thyroid medications are always on the list for top bodybuilding and figure competitors in the pro rankings, and thousands upon thousands of people are prescribed thyroid medications to overturn obesity every day, especially women. Your thyroid dictates the rate of which your burns food for fuel and many people don’t realize that they may have an underactive thyroid-medically termed as Hypothyroidism. Thyrox T-3 contains Gugglesterones, as well as 7 other ingredients that all work together to strongly stimulate the thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormones. This item is stimulant-free so it is perfect to stack with other products!

NLA For Her Her Whey
NLA For Her Her Whey is a fast digesting whey isolate protein powder that provides 28 grams of protein and promotes the growth of lean muscle, helps fuel your muscles for your workouts and promotes recovery. Her Whey works well for fat loss due to its high fiber blend – one serving taken as a snack in between meals helps you feel full and controls cravings. In fact, taking Her Whey 3 times a day promotes muscle growth and recovery. Ideally, ingesting Her Whey in the morning, after your workout and in between meals promotes an environment for growth to occur and recovery to rake place.

Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women - Start Your Day Right!
At the core of every supplement plan should be a great multi-vitamin. But what about a multi-vitamin specifically for women, or athletic women? The solution is Optimum Nutriton’s Opti-Women that has been engineered and designed for a woman’s needs! When you start you day with these, know that you are feeding your body what it needs to carry out normal functions and beyond!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hoodia-Pure- Put Hunger Under Submission!
Food, food, food. Everywhere you look there is a tasty snack waiting for you. Just calling your name! Funny thing is the more that you workout and diet the hungrier you can get because your body will be screaming for nourishment. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Hoodia-Pure will help to eliminate those strong constant cravings. It is a whole lot easier to diet and reach your goal weight when you aren’t hungry all the time!

MAN Vaporize - Healthy Fats that Burn Fat
This product is perfect for low carb diets. These fats oxidize fats, increase insulin sensitivity, and tell your body to let go of fat! MAN Vaporize also includes the powerhouse Sesamin which activates the receptors that will stop the storage and hoarding of fat. That is truly advantageous when trying to get rid of those last 5-10 pounds of stubborn fat from hard to lose areas. The Omega-3 Fish Oil blend will not only allow you to burn more fat but delivers many other healthy benefits to your body, especially to your joints and heart!

Stack Directions

Cellucor Super HD Fire: Take one morning capsule with 8oz. cold water first thing in the morning. Take one afternoon capsule 1-2 hours after lunch.
Absolute Nutrition Thyrox T-3: Take 2 Capsules in the morning and 2 Capsules in the afternoon. Use between meals.
NLA For Her Her Whey:Mix 1 scoop with 8oz. cold water or low-fat milk. Consume 3 shakes per day: in between meals, after your workout and before bed.
Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women: Take 2 Capsules Daily.
Hi-Tech Hoodia-Pure: Take 1 Tablet twice a day.
MAN Vaporize: Take up to 2 gelcaps, 2-3 times daily.