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The answer to everyone’s question……“What are the basics I should be taking every day?” There are some things that you can’t go without and this stack includes all of them. You got to have all your bases covered. This stack will ensure that you aren’t missing anything. The products represent everything you should have, every day.

Whey Protein
This is a must have. To gain muscle and to lose fat you have to eat lots of protein. Quality, convenient, fast digesting, amino acid rich protein that will build muscle in a hurry. Whey protein is the fastest digesting protein available and is the perfect source of protein to consume right when you get out of the gym. Dymatize Elite Whey has a lot going for it. It tastes great, mixes easy, contains whey protein isolate and concentrate, and is priced right.

To have the best workout possible a lot of times it takes a helpful boost. A good pre-workout will give you energy, muscle pumps, focus, mental alertness, endurance, added strength, and will offset and delay fatigue. Strongman Lift Juice is a powerful pre-workout that will give you crash-free focus, no jitters, a huge pump and the kind of endurance you need to power up the heaviest weights! This innovative formula is not just another stim heavy pre-workout - it's big on ingredients that work - you can expect hardcore results from Lift Juice!

Okay so you are in the gym and your muscles are screaming for nourishment. It is at that moment that your muscles will uptake and soak up whatever you give them. Think of it as the “window of opportunity.” Why not give them what they want; a few quick carbs, creatine, and a ton of muscle building amino acids. Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn is an intra-workout drink mix that will feed your muscles “the good stuff” during training for a second wind and to stop catabolism (muscle wasting).

Having high testosterone levels is a basic must have, and if you aren’t taking advantage of new cutting edge supplements that can drastically boost test levels – you are missing out! Feed Me More Nutrition The Big Guy is a natural testosterone enhancer that will do what it says it will do - increase testosterone production, increase luteinizing hormone as well as follicle stimulating hormone! This powerful test booster is perfect for use as a pct, as a better option to try or simply as a stand-alone product to jack up test levels.

When you’re sleeping, you’re missing meals. When you’re missing meals, you’re not growing. Casein protein is a milk based protein that digests very slowly into your system constantly feeding your muscles for many hours. It trickles protein into your system helping you to grow while you sleeping. Sounds easy enough right! Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein is our best selling casein because it tastes great, it’s high quality, and priced right!

Between Meals and Throughout the Day
Branched-Chain Amino Acids, also known as BCAA’s, are perfect to take while exercising, in between meals, and taken through-out the day to help speed recovery and feed muscles. When exercising at high intensity levels your body will use amino’s as part of muscle fuel. You want to make sure you are supplying enough fuel for your muscles so your body doesn’t tap into muscle stores. BCAA’s bypass the liver and are quickly taken up by the small intestine and go straight muscles to rebuild them. BPI Sports Best BCAA is unlike any other BCAA supplement ever created, designed to take your gains from minimal to maximal. Best BCAA utilizes quality ingredients that will provide amino acids, fat loss and pumps!

Creatine has stood the test of time. Study after study has proven that creatine improves athletic performance, especially in the gym. It’s a no brainer……it’s cheap and works very well. I’m sold! All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn is a new breed of creatine. It is 100% stable so it produces no unwanted side effects like bloating. You don’t have to cycle or load on it, making it a very easy to type of creatine. Expect increased muscle size, strength gains, and endurance in the gym with this product!

A Good Multi-Vitamin
What would our Every Day Essentials stack be without a proper multi-vitamin. These is bare bones stuff we are talking about! Starting the day with a good multi-vitamin ensures that you are feeding your body what it needs to perform everyday activities, to help keep yourself healthy, and to replace precious vitamins and minerals lost through exercise. Controlled Labs Orange Triad makes a great multi-vitamins because it is loaded with everything you could ask for, plus it had an added joint complex, flex complex, and a digestion and immune complex.

Stack Directions

Dymatize Elite Whey Protein: Take 1-2 Servings after intense exercise such as weightlifting.
Strongman Lift Juice: Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-10oz. cold water and consume 15-30 minutes before your training session.
Gaspari Nutrition SizeOn Max: Mix 1 Serving in 20-30 oz. of water and drink while you workout.
Feed Me More Nutrition The Big Guy:Take 1 serving with breakfast and an additional serving with dinner.
Optimum Nutrition Casein: Take 1-2 Servings 30 minutes prior to bed.
BPI Sports Best BCAA:.Mix one scoop with 8oz cold water and consume before, during, and after your workout. On off-days mix one scoop with 8oz cold water and consume 30 minutes before breakfast.
All American EFX Kre-Alkalyn: Take 1 serving (2 Capsules) pre and post workout.
Controlled Labs Orange Triad: Take 3 Tablets twice per day.